Are gabe saporta and victoria asher dating

10-Sep-2017 10:33

It also launched a new Web site in April, Cobra, where a new "episode" premieres every Monday until the album's street date.The clips, which garner 80,000-100,000 views each and are also available as free podcasts on i Tunes, range from behind-the-scenes tour antics to scripted sketches, like a fake commercial for a new fragrance called Deliciousness.

"I started Cobra with the intention of having it be fun and not heavy," Saporta says, "but this album is definitely more revealing on a personal level than any other Cobra record." To set up the release of "Hot Mess," Cobra Starship leaked the track "Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason Why We're Famous" in April, then hit the road with Fall Out Boy through May.They did say the band's new bass player was previously in a band that toured with Cobra Starship.Alex and Ryland put out a joint statement as to why they decided to leave the band.On October 21 the American band Cobra Starship announced on their official Facebook page that lead guitarist Ryland Blackinton, and bass player Alex Suarez were leaving the group. Lead vocalist Gabe Saporta, keyboard player Victoria Asher, and drummer Nate Novarro will continue with the band.

Within the next week, Cobra Starship will announce who the band's new bass player will be.

Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta knows he shouldn't be takling this much -- let alone recording a new album, touring nonstop and doing interviews -- but he just can't quit.

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